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Word Ninja

WordPress Origin Story

I started a personal blog at americaninathens.wordpress.com in March 2007 to tell stories not covered by international press, expats or tourists. It quickly (and surprisingly!) gained popularity and press attention, landing me a freelance writing gig with The Guardian and mentions in Greek media and the NY Times.

In 2008 it morphed into a self-hosted WordPress install and guide to navigating life in Greece at livingingreece.gr, as readers were more interested in practical info and I wanted to run JavaScript. Plagiarized by embassies, lawyers and the Greek government, Living in Greece helps upwards of 200,000 unique visitors a month and has 35,000 Twitter followers @livingingreece.

Originally seduced by the variety of WordPress themes, I was sold on being a part of a passionate, open-source community and owning my content. I ♥ WordPress 🙂