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This is the WP-generated profile page for BPMstr – also sometimes spelled as ‘BPMSTER’ with an extra ‘E’. BPMstr (or BPMster if you must ‘buy a vowel’) is also known as “the Artist of the Tempo”, and his name is Luke Kelvin. If you are an EDM (electronic dance music) fan or music maker/producer and you enjoy harder and louder dance music styles (usually upwards of 135bpm), connect with Luke to follow his music, to collaborate and to have a good time. He presently lives in the USA but travels the world and is always looking for opportunities to entertain and to create. His artist website is www.BPMster.com and his record label site is www.TuneDome.com – his latest tracks and albums are scheduled for 2013 releases on every major platform on the planet, from Amazon to ITunes, from Beatport to Zune, from Spotify to Virgin Mobile: this year holds in store over 10 new hard and loud dance tracks by BPMstr, including those with elements of hardstyle, house, trance, dubstep and hard psy: you will be swept off your feet by his two EPs, four singles and a 10-track album, all of which carry tons of hard kicks and noise, energetic drum builds, remarkable melodies, uplifting modulations, and of course, the incredible tones of his violin and the well-known ‘tik-tok’ motif of his analog metronome. You must do just three simple things to be friends with BPMstr – know how to spell BPMstr, know how the ‘play’ button on your music player works, and know that ‘BPM’ in BPMstr stands for Beats Per Minute! Watch for many upcoming exciting songs and performances by BPMstr as his hard beats make your speakers go tik-tok! Website: www.BPMstr.com


electronic dance music, sailing, real estate, science fiction, astronomy and women… and I use Macs every day but hate them.