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From Mediteran, Adriatic Sea Coast (Bay of Piran – Golf of Trieste, Italy). I am tall 191 cm (6,3 feet), have blue eyes and light brown hair. by occupation i am economist, master of marketing and entrepreneurship. I use PC since 1985 intenzive. My interests are in PC graphic and web developeing (still learning) and professional Audio Studio Recording Pyramide Co. Studio since 1989 (DJ Mac Boris Perc – my hobby for now only), custom applications programming and aplications developeing BPCo. TEAM Underground IT Slovenija – one for all, all for one. My sports Full contact (martial arts), football or soccer playing and tennis, scuba diveing, extreme skying (downhil on fresh snow), beach volleyball and other sports…

WordPress Origin Story

Friend started to talking me about php and mysql apps are future in year 2001, I didn`t belife him, but now I know CMS-CRM program applications are future for entrepreneurship-tradeing-info-eCommerce-eShoping-personalUse-school-entertainment-governments-tourisms ecc…
My favorite CMS Systems are Drupal, WordPress, Joomla!

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