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I am an early summer chicken born 7:13 am in the sign of Aries. I think there is something interesting to be found in every thing, action, and moment. I enjoy hiking, gardening, music, gardening, film photography, collecting, natural sciences, history, and so much more.

I believe each and every person deserve full respect from birth and that respect can only be diminished through that persons actions and mouth. I , also, believe some things are just too good to do; one should never compare their life to any other persons life; that you cannot make a law to achieve “be kind”, that I was born 10 yrs. late; that Bon Scott and I should have been married; and some one else shot J. R.

But STUFFEZES, it’s about …. well the same and it believes …. well the same, as well. Since STUFFEZES is my little online shopping stop. The shop is classified as an “antiques and collectibles” shop. I advertise it as “antiques, collectibles, curios, and cool cr_p”. And its inventory is eclectic and varied as I am.

thank you and good day,


This is reflected in the inventory I stock for STUFFEZES, my online shop.


STUFFEZES sells an eclectic inventory of antiques, collectibles, curios, and cool cr_p online. Slightly more specific, I categorized the inventory like this:

antique, vintage and modern art and every day items made from “ceramics and glass”;

antique, vintage, and modern art and every day items made from “wood, metal, and leather”

antique, vintage, and modern “toys and hobbies”

antique, vintage, and modern “books and historical paper”

antique, vintage, and modern men’s and women’s, and children’s “jewelry”

antique, vintage, and modern men’s, women’s, and children’s ‘clothing, accessories, and grooming’

and, of course, being eclectic, the last category is antique, vintage, and modern art and every day items created from “other- various mediums” not mentioned in prior categories