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  • Job Title: WordPress & WooCommerce developper
  • Employer: Atelier Asap
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Sports, Basketball, Craft, Development

WordPress Origin Story

Former graphic designer, I always loved technic, development, etc.
So, in 2019, I decided to become a developper. I learn(t) a lot reading documentation. Since my first websites to now, I’ve never stopped to love WordPress & WooCommerce development.

I love quality, plugin development, Gutenberg, and build solutions based on WordPress.


Benjamin Grolleau contributes 1 hour per week to the Core team.

  • Mentioned in [53455] on Core SVN:
    General: Replace all `esc_url_raw()` calls in core with `sanitize_url()`.

  • Mentioned in [53453] on Core SVN:
    I18N: Use consistent context for the "Add New" string when referring to media.

  • Mentioned in [53452] on Core SVN:
    Formatting: Make `sanitize_url()` the recommended function for sanitizing a URL.