Hi, I am an online entrepreneur who has been active in the virtual space since 2004. I hold a diploma in industrial electricity and I am currently a student of public relations. My interests include photography and nature exploration. With my diverse experience in various fields such as journalism, virtual space consulting, online sales and marketing consulting, business ideation and startup, I can provide you with valuable services. I take advantage of opportunities to improve and develop online businesses and social networks, and I am committed to achieving my


Hi, I am a WordPress website designer with over 18 years of experience in the web industry. My expertise lies in designing high-quality websites and optimizing user experience. With my knowledge and technical skills, I strive to create the best user experience for website users and help businesses grow and develop by designing and implementing quality websites. I take pride in my efforts to improve websites and provide quality services.

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Hi, I am a WordPress enthusiast who started a website for entertainment purposes and was looking to gain experience and develop my skills in this field. Initially, I volunteered to design and execute advertising campaigns for the Persian Blog group. However, over time and with more experience, my interest in WordPress grew stronger and I worked to become more professional in this field.

Now, I can confidently say that I have a high level of expertise in launching professional online stores and SEO. My experience and efforts demonstrate that with passion and hard work, you can work professionally and with experience in any field you are interested in. I am highly committed to developing my skills in the WordPress industry and sharing my knowledge with others.

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