Employment development sites in 2009. The majority of experiences I have had in working with clients, developing websites and web application mainly produces various systems and part of the CMS systems (WordPress).


sailing, diving, developing, enjoye the life.

WordPress Origin Story

Many years ago, i was looking for a blog for myself.
I was traveling on my friends yacht a as a skipper (because only i have a license).
we were sailing between island in agean sea.
After some week, i thought – its gonna be good idea to have a blog about my adventure there, as i am also a developer i started to wtire my own cms, then after i shoed it to my friend, he told me that it was a waste of time – cause there i a good cms alled wordpress – so i tried and i loved that, since then (over 8 years) i am using wordpress and also developing and workingwith wordpress.


avix contributes 5 hours per week to the following teams: Accessibility and Core.

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