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This is the story of a baseball muse. Mineko is an avid baseball fan. She is actually a baseball professional. She attends every professional baseball game that she can in Japan. She has a secret room in her home with 12 television sets and a satellite feed from every American professional baseball game. She also keeps tabs on semi-professional leagues… even in ones in America.

Mineko makes a great living and she is moderately wealthy. He works rehabilitating broken down dysfunctional American baseball players. There are many of them and it is full time work. Typically the team that owns the player pays her for her service of restoring the player to working order. She speaks fluent English.

Mineko developed the “baseball muse” profession from the geisha tradition. She came from a poor rural family and was a geisha from early training. She wanted to become a baseball analyst on television or to work in management of a team, but her family persuaded her that dream was impossible.