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Hello, my name is Avelardo Lopez. Thank you very much for visiting! As you will learn, I am a person who knows how to wear many hats, and well by the way. People say that there is a great wealth of knowledge that I have to offer in so many areas of life. The overall passion…Helping People Make Life Better. My personal motto is; “To Dream is one thing, To Live it out…is another. – Mr. Suave”

Another passion of mine is to teach people how to live better lives in so many areas of life. If you visit my ‘Projects’ page, you will come to discover the other websites that I have & manage. Each site is focused at providing different types of content. As a result, you can say that I am a content creator. What is a content creator? A person who creates articles, how-to-guides, videos, manuals, pod-casts, and so much more.

My projects are very broad and many in nature. So I do keep myself busy. What is my secret? Understanding the technology is one, and an open mind is another.

There is an array of products, services, information, knowledge that is made available here at my site. My goal is to be able to help out the person who reaches out to ask for help. Please feel free to explore my Products & Services for more information on how I can go in doing just that. As well, while exploring the different areas of my Blog site, you can also tap into the things that I have done for others in the past. If anything seems to fit exactly what it is that I can do for you, feel free sign up for me to help.

I can help people in the area(s) of Business Operations, day to day computer use/training, computer/software repair & configuration, Advice/Coaching/Mentoring & Consulting. You can also explore my blog articles regarding the following list of topics to learn more about the many ways/things that I can do for you to help you excel in life.

Here is a list of my websites/online-projects:

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WordPress Origin Story

When I was ready to start focusing on my passion to help people in multiple areas of life…re-visited an old dream that I left boxed when I was like 18. So now that the internet has evolved to what it is today…and with the evolution of WordPress…after much research…concluded that WordPress was going to be the best option for me. WordPress is a great option for me to be able to balance and create the amount of content that I create on a weekly basis. Without WordPress…the ability to manage all of my projects would have been impossible. Thank you WordPress.