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  • Location: Stuttgart
  • Website: alles-ansichten.de
  • Job Title: Designer
  • Employer: An Sichten
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Hey, my name is Karin. I am the owner of ” An Sichten” specialized on sustainable furniture design and upcycling. “An Sichten” is a German word which wants to express different views and perspectives, like how you can look at things.

My studio is located in Stuttgart, which belongs to the south of Germany. I very much love being there. The surrounding is very special cosy with anicient houses and trees.

I design sustainable seatings for sale and work for local customers on order. In addition I create handmade bags all kind and cosmetic pouches. They’re all made of furniture fabrics.

The most important task for me is to make customers happy.

WordPress Origin Story

I got in touch with wordpress when I was start blogging some years ago. I didn’t have a clue about seo. Not a tiny one. Like three years ago I was about to redesign my former website. While exchanging expieriences with a friend she advised to go for WordPress. It took a litte to start this project. And it took even more time to learn and understand how this tremendous tool is working. I am still exploring and I’m happy to do it with WordPress. Thanks guys! Thanks very much.