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Android is fast becoming one the most preferred mobile operating systems thanks to its impeccable performance and enhanced functionality. Android has become so popular; it is on the verge of surpassing its main rival, the iPhone in terms of total users. The Android apps development industry is definitely looking up. Android’s steady popularity has resulted in increased demand for applications to enhance a cell phone’s functionality. These days, it takes only a good android app programmer and a useful service – to make it big in the mobile apps industry. If you are considering breaking into the mobile market through building and promoting an app, know the benefits of using Android as your main platform: Easy Entry Android makes lives easier not only for users but also for people who wish to bank on apps development and to profit from it. Entrepreneurs do not have to spend a fortune to start their business. With no licensing fee or development tools to worry about, you can concentrate more on the core of your business, find an excellent android app programmer and seize the market. Newbie Friendly Android applications use Java as its main application language. Android makes it very easy for business-minded individuals to jump into the mobile development industry and make a little profit to android buy installs. Various Distribution Options Unlike other platforms like the iPhone, Android applications may be distributed in various ways. There is no single, controlled market place to market your products (as their is with the iPhone). You can either use third-party application stores or create your very own distribution channel to take your products directly to users. Just build the apps, publish, and in an instant, your products are ready to be enjoyed by your target audience. Free, Open Platform Android is all about ease and customization. Android’s SDK is open source, making it a very compelling choice for handset manufacturers and wireless operation. This means there are better opportunities for entrepreneurs and android app programmers to profit from. Best Inter-Application Integration Platform Inter-application and inter-process architectures are not a problem because currently, Android provides the best options around. Most platforms only allow background processes. On the other hand, Android makes it possible for inter-application and inter-process architectures for a more enriching experience for users.