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WannaBeEinstein – There are currently many supplements available that aim to improve memory in adults and children by reversing the process of memory loss and by recovering some of the memory function that has already been lost. These foods are having the qualities of memory boosting and they are with high nutrients. The techniques used in yoga and meditation not only improve muscle tone and flexibility but they also have been proven to stimulate the brain and nervous system in ways that can improve memory and concentration. Make exercise and relaxation/meditation part of your life and you will automatically have a great foundation for improving memory and general health.Simply put, memory is the mental activity of recalling information that you have learned or experienced. Whereas strawberry is responsible for improving long term memory.If you have been searching for tips to improve memory, you will be reassured to know that the best ones cost next to nothing and can easily be fitted into your everyday activities. It is scientifically proved that a person’s memory can be boosted by memory improvement techniques. How Do You Improve Memory If You Drink?Too much drinking handicaps the memory but, some studies have found that moderate drinkers do better on certain tests of memory than non drinkers or heavy drinkers.