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UFO in Taiwan, fact or just a story? – Alien Invasion
Yet another UFO was witnessed by people who have turned the digital camera on hand. A team of unknown objects was recorded in the sky over Santiago. On the Web, there was a video clip in which, in accordance to the writer, captured the alien fleet of UFOs. According to witnesses, a group of spacecraft flew above the funds of Chile.

Skilled portal Ugo Sightings Daily stated that he experienced observed such plane in 1890 in excess of Taiwan. He stressed that the UFO could not be witnessed day or night time simply because they are masked, but they can be seen at sunset.

Often treat individuals who observed the UFO, to say the minimum, suspicious. Until finally a single day he did not see something, the paranormal, and later on the two close friends even surprised me by telling their tales.

The 1st saw the “plate” in the suburbs. I rested there with pals on the mother nature of the h2o. Suddenly, above the pond hangs a plate of it has a beam of gentle on the drinking water and start to go following. Plate hanging so a pair of minutes and then flies absent.

The next plate is noticed in the Crimea. Engaged, says enjoy on the lender. Then he raises his head, and over them hangs this wonder and enjoyable winking lights. He questioned his girlfriend if she sees the exact same issue as he did. She said of course.

I have a number of times witnessed peculiar issues in the sky. About a 12 months ago in Moscow, I saw the crimson ball a couple of meters in diameter, horizontally flown in excess of the house. I do not consider that it was a fireball, but admit that it could be a weather conditions balloon. And it is only just lately seen a odd phenomenon in the suburbs of Novosibirsk. He glanced once at night time very clear sky, studded with myriads of stars, and that it seemed unusual to me. At 1st, I could not figure out what was mistaken with him. But I recognized pretty speedily that appeared in the sky two new very vivid and big stars. I appeared at them in bewilderment a couple of minutes until they are appropriate in entrance of me do not fade away. If it had been orbiting entire body (ISS, satellites), then why cling motionless? And then if that does not orbit? Will we endure Alien Invasion ?