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On some days, a Senior Manager in the UK’s health and social care sector. But every day, a loyal husband. Also, a full-time employee of two cats, Jasper and Jules.

Thoughts and reflections on the journey of life, technology and trying to be a better human.

WordPress Origin Story

I’d never heard of WordPress before summer 2014. On holiday, I was lazing by the sea reading on Kindle. After reading the 4-hour Work Week, I read a lot more books on building a web presence.

With the help of sunstroke, I decided to start a blog. Now, what’s the WordPress thing that always gets a mention? A month later, I have got a WordPress site.

Writing had been a start/stop affair, and WordPress didn’t help, especially with the market’s upselling of plugins. After a hiatus and one year on Ghost, I’ve come back to WordPress.

This time, a more minimalist approach, writing about things I care about, not topics that will ‘rank’. WordPress means I have a blog without a clue about coding, PHP, CSS, or having to worry about all those scary files in a database somewhere.

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