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28 years Old – Passionate Blogger and Digital Marketer.

I have been doing blogging since 2015 on the topic called employment and careers. I have written several case study based on detailed research on my own blog to find jobs in Dubai.

If you are one of them, who are desperately looking for a job in Dubai (UAE) and being almost depressed by getting no response from employer. Then you may ask your question and I would love to answer you in this regard 🙂


Blogging, Travel, Junk Foods, Motivational Videos, Motivational Movies.

WordPress Origin Story

I started my blogging journey using blogger platform which self hosted by Google. Whereas majority of bloggers used to work with WordPress and I had heard a lot positive things about WordPress Platform for that help us for building blog more better and even more responsive. So eventually, I migrated my blog from blogger to WordPress. And today, I just fall in love with WordPress and their easy to use navigation etc. This is the story of mine that how I got involved with WordPress.

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