David is a co-founder of 3B Alliance, LLC and is the primary developer of AreteX eCommerce services. These days he can befound on CodeMentor helping developers become awesome.

David is a WordPress core contributor and a regular WordCamp speaker. He is a long time software engineering professional and author, who has been involved in Internet development since 1994.

Before focusing on WordPress, David wore many hats. He was the Director of IT and Software Engineering for an international health insurance company where he created and maintained a web based health insurance enrollment system. As Chief of South Eastern Operations for an international IT consulting firm, he had to “MacGyver together” a network out of old parts so that his client could locate missing cargo vessels in the immediate aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. In that position, he also provided testimony as an expert witness in Federal court, weighing in on alleged software copyright infringement.

David has also worked as a consultant for Fortune 500 companies in the manufacturing and insurance industries. When he repaired a legacy inventory and ordering system for a major greeting card company just before one of their biggest sales days, he became known as, “The Programmer who Saved Mother’s Day”.

His professional writing has been published by SitePoint, Microsoft, Dice, C/C++ User’s Journal, PC Techniques and John Wiley & Sons.

David has four major game titles to his credit as an artificial intelligence and physics simulation programmer: NFL Full Contact Football, Indy Racing – Road to the Indianapolis 500, Jeff Gordon XS Racing and Centipede 3D. Lest his “Geek Cred” be remotely in doubt, he has also been published in Dragon magazine.

WordPress Origin Story

During his time as the Web Development Community Guide for DICE, he was impressed with the elegance of WordPress not only as a publishing tool, but as a web application platform. David worked as Chief Software Architect for a web services company specializing in SaaS eCommerce, where he created a plugin that integrated his company’s eCommerce services with WordPress.

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    Instructions Updates and recurring delivery of authorization fix

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    Updated plugin name

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    AreteX Shopping Cart Initial Check In

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    Updated sandbox sign up with more information

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    Updating to version 2.29.00

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    Version No. Bump

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    Update feature paths for upgrade from beta

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    Changed core path option from add to update

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