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  • Member Since: February 19th, 2008
  • Turkey
  • www.sinanisler.com
  • WordPress Developer, Writer, Entrepreneur at Freelance


Designer, PHP Lover, Coder, WordPress Guru, Guru Gürültü.

WordPress Theme Development Book Writer. (First Turkish Theme Development Book wpkitap.com)

WordPress Origin Story

It was personal thing at the begging. I was looking for making website easy ways. First I try joomla but it was like hell ! Then I meet with WordPress. It was like 2006. I make my personal website it is still on since 2006 sinanisler.com I made a graphic design website but unfortunately it is not on :( I Close that website for some reason. I’m sad today for making that decision.

Not for long time people come to me and ask me help for WordPress, Theme Design, Theme Programming. I didnt know I was gonna work with wordpress and making money but it is happen so fast.

in 2012 I wrote a book about WordPress Theme Design and Programming (wpkitap.com Turkish) It is first book for teaching how to design and code theme for WordPress. So much people thank me for this book. It makes me happy.

So many years I live with WordPress. Made hundreds WordPress Projects. I have no idea how much money I made but it is really good money and I’m still making it :D

Thank you matt ! Making awesome project and keeping free !