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  • Member Since: May 20th, 2013
  • Todmorden, West Yorkshire, UK
  • littleredtarot.com
  • Tarot reader at Little Red Tarot


Online tarot reader and accidental web designer.
I’ve been using WordPress for personal blogs/sites for a long time, and now I build sites for community groups and small businesses too. Forgive any daft questions but I’m learning as I go :)

WordPress Origin Story

I had been making simple WP.com sites for community groups and others for years, as well as running my own blogs on WP…. in 2012 I started putting together plans to quit my day-job as a community worker and open a campsite. I never got planning permission for the site, but quit anyway, thinking I would just charge a little for the websites to make ends meet. I couldn’t have foreseen the demand I would be in! So I had to learn super-fast on my feet, all the teccy stuff about hosting, using WP.org for the first time and *everything*. A year later and I’m loving the work – still a little bemused as to how I’ve ended up here, still imagining that campsite…but no time to work on that as I’m too busy making websites!
***Thank you WordPress*** for enabling me to be the boss of my own time and work. I am eternally grateful for what you’ve provided to the world.