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Kerry Carron

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  • Member Since: May 7th, 2009
  • Southern New Mexico
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Most of my social media profiles describe me as, “Loving wife and mom, website designer/developer, Internet marketer but… mostly just an avid student of life.” Or at least something similar.

All of the above are true and reflective of who and what I am and my ongoing journey of becoming all that I can and all that I was meant to be.


Small business owner’s looking for solutions to find big online business success.

WordPress Origin Story

I have always had a knack for graphics, layout and design since being introduced to some of their applications during my high school journalism classes. Some time around 2000 I realized that I really enjoyed working on my computer and thought that there had to be a way that I could use my computer to develop some kind of work from home business. Shortly thereafter, I began to dabble with web site creation.

Then I found WordPress. As I became more and more familiar with WordPress and it’s powerful applications, some of my friends started asking, and then paying me to build or upgrade their WordPress websites. I soon realized most of my friends really did not want or have time to learn HOW to do it, they just knew that they needed a website and they were willing to pay me for it. I started to think that this was the answer for me to be able to work from home.

It did not take long to realize I had finally found my passion in web site design and development. Since then, I have spent endless hours working on my computer (just ask my family) and educating myself about WordPress, web site promotion, installation, setup, design, development and internet marketing.