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Andy Mercer

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  • Member Since: July 9th, 2012
  • Indiana, USA
  • www.andymercer.net
  • Development Specialist at Catstache Design, LLC


Web developer, co-founder of Catstache Design, LLC. You might notice that my Website URL links to a website that looks like an unfinished website for a surveying company. That is because I’m using it to finish developing a website for my day job. It is a temporary situation.


Code Optimization, Semantic HTML, CSS Layouts, LEGOs, AutoCAD Civil 3D, Highway Design, Project Management, Music, Science Fiction, Reading

WordPress Origin Story

I taught myself HTML/CSS one summer when I was bored, and ended up building a few sites for friends and acquaintances. I eventually began teaming up with friend who happens to be a graphic designer. She had worked as an intern with a web design company which used WordPress, and she convinced a reluctant me that WordPress was a much better way to go than writing static pages.

3 years later, I use WordPress exclusively, and clients love it; namely the ease up updating their pages. Recently I’ve been getting interested in getting involved with the WordPress community. I’ve got two plugins that I developed for my own use up on the repository, and I’m in the process of setting up a dev environment locally so that I can test and submit patches.