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  • Member Since: August 5th, 2006
  • Alberta (but I travel a lot)


I like to climb mountains and I spend a good hour in the gym just about every day. Sometimes two hours (split apart). I used to weigh 475 pounds and now I dont. Now I teach people about food. It’s my passion.

As for the web, well I’ve been online since about 1995. You might know me from FormerFatGuy.com and have been blogging since before people even said “what’s a blog?” Before blogging though, everything I did online was coded in notepad. Then Microsoft .asp pages to make use of include files and now my main website blends and wordpress front end with a microsoft .asp back end.

I taught web development at a local technical college for 2 years and simply love all things web related. Still haven’t figured out php yet, but I’d rather work on content than the back end these days. However… I code when I have to and can pretty much figure out any logic (cause I’m a guy)