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Christopher J. Hradil

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Mr. Hradil is not unlike Google Translate, Google Maps, Wikipedia, Napster, the Rosetta Stone, Craigslist, WordPress, SourceForge. Understands or is familiar with many languages, including hieroglyphics, english, spanish, latin, french, italian, Business 7.0, PERL, XHTML, CSS, SEO, art, music and others. Has traveled many paths, good, bad and those in shades of grey, can find and point people and business in the right direction quickly. Bootstraps easily, often and usually on a shoestring. Possesses an infinite capacity to not know what can’t be done. Doesn’t regularly do math, debt, negativity, carbs or sugar. Is mostly fueled by hemp milk organic java lattes, unsalted cashews, sun dried tomatoes and enthusiasm, and still knows how and where to enjoy a good T-Bone. Rolls fluidly with devastating punches. WYSIWYG. Knows where many bodies are buried. Can easily remove skeletons from closets, occasionally sweeps dust under rugs. Has attempted to put lipstick on pigs. Can see the symphony in people and here the art in a business plan. Can pull the occasional rabbit out of a hat when required.


I have numerous interests. Perhaps.