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Jason T. Wiser

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  • Member Since: June 10th, 2010
  • webinationstation.com
  • Help Companies Develop a Holistic Strategy for their Business Online. From website development and installation, to Social Media consulting, Marketing, Branding, and Optimization. at Webination Station


I am the director of Webination Station and the Moderator of Christians in Business on G+ . I find great pleasure in tearing into code and helping to revise and debug. I install WordPress exclusively for all my clients and I have over 7 years experience. I am not a fan of frameworks, but I know that there are needed for the average WP user.

My favorite Template is “Responsive” and I have many favorite plugins (see below)

The best place to find me online is Jason T. Wiser on Google+


Jesus Christ, Family, Google +, Social Media, E-Mail Marketing, HTML, CSS, PHP, Videos, Missionary Work