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Andrea Barghigiani

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  • Member Since: December 17th, 2007
  • Italy, Livorno
  • wpandmore.info
  • Developer & Teacher at AndMore


Hi all,

I am a WordPress Fanatic/Developer and I really like use this platform as a base for each of my projects. Beside that I enjoy to share my knowledge about this on my website where I add articles and courses on how to develop with WordPress. At the moment the site is only in italian but I am planning to give it a full translation with the new design that I am planning to run at the beginning of 2013.

If you have any suggestion or request please contact me.

WordPress Origin Story

I’ve started to use WordPress because my clients were asking for login system, an easy CMS to let them add their content and other functionality that I wasn’t able nor to develop and either to implement the security that this platform has to offer.

But this is only how I met WordPress and it does not explain my love for it! I appreciate everything about it, its easy to use and develop upon it are the basic feature that let me fall in love with this platform. Today it’s hard for me to think about create a website without using it as base.

And since I love WordPress so much I’ve started to teach it as well ;)